A quality biker jacket, never goes out of style. It makes every outfit more complete and a little bit more rebellious. But sometimes we need that classy look for a job interview, a diner with family or something similar. And yes, also for these occasions you can wear your leather jacket. We’re gonna tell you how you can wear your leather biker jacket, in 5 different ways.

1. The office look

You can also create a sophisticated look with your biker jacket, it all depends on how you combine it. For the office look we advice you to keep it clean and simple, combine your jacket with some classy trousers (no denim) and a blouse. Finish your outfit with shoes you feel comfortable in. It does not matter whether you choose between sneakers, boots or heels – they all fit the office look.


2. The classy (but a little bit sassy) look

When wearing a biker jacket, your outfit is always a bit more tough. The classic outfit combination for women is a pair of skinny jeans with a basic tee. To make it a little bit more comfy and sassy – combine your jacket with a hoodie. You see the hooded sweater more and more in street styles. So take that classic biker look to a more sassy level.


3. The every-day clean look

In love with your biker jacket (we know the feeling) and want to wear it everyday? Combine it with a good pair of denim and basic tee, you can alternate with colours!


4. The diner with family look

Do you have a family diner coming up and still want to wear your biker jacket, but doubting to appear with your in-laws? No worries, we got you covered. Wear your jacket with a classy, white blouse and black skinny jeans. Put on some heels to make the whole outfit a bit more sophisticated. And there you go!


5. The totally dressed up look

Our final look is a dressed up look. Having a party or chic dinner plannend? Wear your biker jacket on a neat dress or skirt and we promise you, you’re rocking your outfit.


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