Your personal qualities are (of course) very important to impress a person, but to get really attracted to someone, your look is very important. You can improve your appearance by taking good care of yourself, but also by the right clothing.

We can tell you (from a female point of view) how to dress best.

Leather Jacket

Yes, women do like a man in a clean and black leather jacket. It just makes every outfit a bit more tougher. Combine it with a pair of denim and a basic pullover or t-shirt.



Nearly 40 percent of women say they are attracted to a man in jeans and a basic T-shirt. How simple do we want it to be gentlemen? Jeans symbolize the roughness of the man, something that women love. In addition, even 17 percent of women said that this is their favorite male look. So gentlemen, is it time to go back to basic? The easiest and most stylish look consists of denim blue jeans and a basic white T-shirt.


Shoes (it’s true, shoes make the man)

Okay, this may sound bit cliche, but women really do look at the shoes of a man to determine a first impression. No less than 25 percent of women indicate that they prefer lace-up shoes such as derbies or brogues. Use this info, guys! Rock these shoes in Spring under your trousers and create a smart outfit that every woman will look after.


Suit Up

As Barney Stinson, the king of the suits in the series How I With Your Mother, always says: “Suit Up”. And the man is absolutely right. Women like men in suits, it’s as simple as that. Swap the shirt for a basic T-shirt with a round neck to get a more casual look, or a turtleneck for the colder months.




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