A pair of suede chelsea boots should be in every man’s closet. Unfortunately, they get dirty quickly. With the persistent cold and rainy weather ahead, it is important to take good care of your suede shoes. Pay attention to the following tips and your shoes will remain in top condition!


      1. Use a protection spray 

By treating your suede shoes with a spray, you create a protective layer that works on dirt. This makes a difference if you have to remove a stain later. This is particularly important during these winter months.

     2. Brush your boots

Brush your shoes after you have worn them with a soft brush. You can polish small spots with a simple piece of pencil eraser.

     3. Use shoe trees

To preserve the shape of the shoes, use a shoe tree of untreated wood. These prevent the shoes from deforming and absorb odor and moisture

     4. Keep them dry

If your shoes are unexpectedly wet, wrap them in paper towels and put them in a dry place with shoe trees. Do not put too close to the heater, because then the leather may burst. You can erase stubborn stains the next day.


You don’t have the time for a major cleaning or the damage is too great: leave it to an expert and bring your shoes to a shoemaker. He can revitalize your shoes with steam.