We love discovering new hotspots in our hometown, Amsterdam. We received an invitation to the grand opening of ‘NENI’. This promised to be a great evening, filled with culinary dishes and cocktails. Who does not want to be there? So yes, we went…


The name stands for the company and kitchen concept of the Molcho family. These are also the initials of Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv & Ilan, the four sons of kitchen virtuoso Haya Molcho. NENI lives by sharing the dishes together, of passion and joie de vivre – in short Balagan, sympathetic chaos. The motto of the family: Life is beautiful. Be part of it.

Everyone should be able to try everything and pots are placed quite easily on the table. The table culture at NENI is informal – it’s easy going. The service is warm and personal- Eating at NENI means being welcome as a family member at an Eastern Mediterranean kitchen table. Exactly on this principle, the NENI concept was built.

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The main restaurant is located on the former concrete garage floor. The split-level character of NENI Amsterdam allows a view on various levels at the same time. The main attraction is the large open kitchen placed in the middle of the space. Most guests have a direct view on the kitchen that is showcased in a large glass house. Eating is done at long tables around this kitchen, or at the counters near the cooks. Guests will then have a great view on the charcoal fired robata grill, or the domed oven used for special fish and vegetable preparations.


The NENI Deli will be an all-day food destination with its dishes prepared with the same NENI style and philosophy. During the day, the Deli will feature a wide variety of sandwiches made with bread from our own bakery, as well as salads, juices, sweets and coffees. In the evening the Deli will transform into a quick and vibrant Mezze & Pizza concept.

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