Discover real hotspots alongside the famous classics: the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Vondelpark? If there are already 876 local restaurant tips on Tripadvisor in Amsterdam, how do you ever find that perfect hotspot that fits you perfectly? Browsing through blogs can be time-consuming and tips from friends are not immediately at hand. Ideal is a personal city guide for hotspots, which is able to link the perfect locations to your personal interest in an orderly way. Urban Journalist launches an app that allows you to easily find, store and organize hotspots of your own friends, like-minded locals and influencers.


Urban Journalist is a city exploring app that allows everyone to find the coolest and most appropriate hotspots with the help of friends. By connecting and inspiring friends, like-minded people, locals and influencers on a platform, users help each other with the ultimate urban experience for them. Users of the app can add their own favorite places, save and share their experiences with friends. That way you learn about new cities or you rediscover your own city.

In the app you can find hotspots such as restaurants, bars, clubs, good coffee shops, boutiques and the most beautiful spots in the city. No loose emails or WhatsApp messages with tips, you can find everything on one platform.

* Save favorite hotspots in journals & share unique journals per city with friends;
* Discover new hotspots thanks to friends and like-minded locals;
* Hotspots where they still want to go to store in bucket lists.

The all-in-one app is easy to use because practical information (location, website, opening hours) is automatically supplemented. Are you looking for something specific like a nice sushi restaurant in the neighborhood? The in-app map ensures that you can find your favorite hotspots anytime and anywhere. With the nearby feature you can find exactly the hotspots that are nearby at that moment. Because of this you do not have the problem that – if you have found a hotspot – you have to travel to the other side of the city.


Urban Journalist is an initiative of Amsterdammer Timo Bierens. Together with friends Remco Couwenbergh and Michael Meier, he started the development of the city exploring app in early 2017. Timo: “During my travels and working abroad, I noticed that it takes frustrating time to find the perfect tips for city trips. If a friend gives me a tip, then I know it’s okay, but one platform that stores all these tips clearly, so you can easily share them, missed. This created the idea to develop an app that makes finding the personal hotspots easy.

Find out more at: https://urbanjournalist.com/


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